Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fun things to do with Pinterest

I haven't used Pinterest for months.  I originally started using it to showcase my photography and then I grew bored.  However a lovely lady and author, Carlyle Labuschagne, from Twitter had this beautiful board that was dedicated to her upcoming series, The Broken Destiny.  See it here

The pictures are striking and really helps portray the imagery for the series.  I know many prefer to be left to their own imaginations when reading, but I actually really enjoyed seeing the inspiration and Carlyle's own vision for the books.

I felt excited at the idea of sharing my visions for my upcoming novel, Units, too so I spent a lot of yesterday searching and pinning images that represented the dystopian world and characters of my book.

Words alone are powerful but I love seeing the colours and style of my book in pictures too.

See it here

Finishing a Fifty Shades last night and Uglies a few nights before, I was left reeling with images in my head of how I imagined the books would look and so I started another two board today for them.

Many in this community post their desired cast for books they hope will turn into movies and this is a similar concept except you don't just showcase your idea of the characters.  You can share their surroundings and your feelings and I think this is a great way to connect with others.

I think my new addiction will grow and soon enough all the books i've read will come with their own Pinterest board and I would love to find others who do this too.


  1. I've never even thought of using Pinterest till now..thanks

  2. Hey Lea

    Thank you for the awesome mention! Glad I can make someones day and inspire. Have fun, looking forward to it all

  3. I love pinterest! Such a creative idea for using it though! I tend to just pin pretty clothes, food and Harry Potter stuff :L Just wanted to say I've tagged you in my Liebster Award post :)

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