Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fifty Shades of Controversial

In the voice of Gossip Girl, 'Busted!' - Oh yes, pictures of celebrities and the public with their noses between the pages of the Fifty Shades series.

This post comes shortly after my not so brilliant review.  I awarded the controversial novel with just 3 stars, however, it doesn't mean I can't be obsessed with the book.

Regardless of E. L. James' writing skills, the book has been a huge success.  They say bad publicity is good publicity and I think Fifty Shades is a perfect example of that saying.  Banned from libraries and ridiculed by many, there is no denying that E. L. James has opened the doors for more controversial adult reads.  After all, sex sells.

Not only is the novel discarded by some because of its content, it's also been the centre of plagiarism speculation.  The book - originally a fan-fic for Stephanie Meyer's Twilight - for sure gave a new twist to Bella and Edwards depressing love story.  This has enthralled some Twilight fans whilst others have had their minds corrupted.  I won't question the rights and wrongs of that, but E. L. James is for sure one gutsy, genius woman.

It's quite possible that women have found new confidence having delved into this super sexy fiction. 

 Everybody is curious!  

The hype has spread and I, for one, had to know what this mysterious Mr Grey was all about.  
He was as expected from the title, but all whilst reading the first in the Fifty Shades trilogy, I couldn't believe a BDSM erotica had became a New York bestseller. 

 That is a huge step for the industry and for book fans and I'm pleased that something of such a taboo nature has found some acceptance.

I wonder and even hope that this is the start of an array of erotic reads for young adults.  Yes, young adults, not young teenagers as many confuse the two.  I'm not trying to corrupt your 13 year old daughters and i'm sure that was not James' intention either.

I would like to know if those of you that have read this saucy piece of drama felt embarrassed?  Is this the sort of book you would happily read in public without concern for what others may think?


  1. Oooh...I like controversial books. Think i'll pick this one up!

  2. Hell no I would not read this in public! LOL I would be embarrassed. I think I might still be embarrassed reading it alone! :)

  3. Would be so scared to even be seen with it lol my parents might shun me. New follower!!!