Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Book series that have gone on for TOO long

I hate it when a series is about to end.  You've invested so much time into the characters and story and always had the next novel to look forward to.  Then it ends and if you are like me, you grieve the characters and want more!  But actually do you?  

I have had a few of my favourite books ruined because the series has been continued to a point where the books start to become almost silly after the 4th or 5th.  

House of Night was always a love/hate read for me anyway.  I found that the characters were quite childish but the story had me gripped, however it went on for far too long!  There are 10 books to the main series, not including the the sub-story books.  I got bored by book 4, but carried on until book 7 and very quickly lost interest after that.  I don't even remember which book was which.  It all merged as one long and increasingly boring read.  That is just me though and I am sure others have enjoyed the series.

L. J. Smith won me over with VD around the time the TV show started broadcasting the show.  We all know the books and TV show differ immensely but I still enjoyed them both separately.

But what went wrong for me?  The series got stupid! It didn't need to be extended.  Because the later books were in my opinion messy and over the top.  Damon' character is the only part that kept me reading.  Then we lost L. J. Smith to another writer and how I got through the last two books i'm not even sure.  I felt the series was ruined because of its extension and that's such a shame.

I have to say, Alyson Noel's Immortals series just didn't grip me from the start.  But I did enjoy the first book enough to attempt the entire series.  I didn't get further than Shadowland, however.  I own the further 2 books to the series, but I can't imagine i'll ever get around the reading them.  

Which books do you think were continued well past the time they needed to be?


  1. I so agree with the House of Night series, sounds like we stopped at the same point!

  2. I really enjoyed the series, but I agree that it went on a tad too long... I still have Destined waiting to be read, who knows when I'll get to it. Perhaps in another lifetime! LOL

    BTW I love your blog!



  3. Its interesting to see i'm not the only who found that with HoN. Thank you ladies for your comments. Bella, thank you! I'm so glad you love my blog :) I'm now heading your way :)

    PD <3

  4. AMEN!!!! I really liked the first 4 books in HON...but they've gone down from there. I was never a fan of Evermore...I read the first book and a little of the second and never went back. Morganville seems to never end as well! Love your blog design!!!!

  5. Let me know if you want any recommends on a good book! :)

  6. Pretty Little Liars, for me. The author just KEEPS getting more deals from HarperTeen, but I thought it ended well with Book 4. To me, that's how many books in the series there are (I made it up to 6 and gave up). :P

  7. Cass, i've not read Pretty Little Liars but isn't it annoying when they do that!

    Bookluvr Minday, I have some of the Morganville series but only ever read the first book yonks ago. I bought the others because they were super cheap at a local store, but don't think i'll ever feel the urge to read them. Thank you for your compliments on my blog design :)

  8. The House of Night definitely gosh it was always going from one thing to another and over the place.

    Your right, Paper Dreams its the plot that keeps you reading.

    Although try The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine its really great and changes but its very put together and the characters are actually very mature and keep you interested as well as the overall storyline.

  9. Cassandra, i'll be sure to give the Morganville series a go then :) I prefer a more mature read. Perhaps that is why HoN lost me. It felt too childish at times.