Saturday, 12 May 2012

Another pretend book cover

I think I may now be a little addicted to creating fake book covers...

My last post was a digital manipulation/painting I did inspired by YA fiction's beautiful cover trend.  Well... Here is another one!  I can't help myself.

I thought she looked like a Carrie.. And perhaps Carrie is a runaway from a twisted circus.

Here's my painting without the text

This is the original image credited to DXLogic


  1. Again, great work! Did you self teach yourself the manipulation/painting or did you take classes? Dying to know. I'm in an Advanced Computer Art class at my high school, and obviously I'm not nearly as good as this! I can do some manipulations and stuff with vectors but I'm a lost cause with the painting haha.

    Love her makeup btw. Especailly the lips, they make me think of Star Wars. Nice story idea with the circus too!

    I mean this 100% seriously, why don't you try to sell your work for actual book covers? I'm sure beyond a doubt you could!

  2. Thank you Linny <3 I taught myself yes. I'm actually a photographer ( and so I spend so much time in Photoshop. I guess over the years of photo manipulation and photography i've just picked up some techniques here and there. To actually draw free-hand on paper though I can't at all lol. What do you study in adavanced computer art? That sounds great! I'm not great with vector art at all but wish I was.

    Thank you for your compliments... They mean so much to me <3 I'd love to sell my work to publishers for book art but there are so many out there that are so much better than me. They would laugh at me lol

  3. Taught yourself? That's amazing! In the Computer Art class we learned the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator and then in Advanced we were pretty much left to our own devices haha. I wish our teacher was more experienced so she could teach us more.

    Don't be silly! I'm not just saying it to be nice, this looks amazing and honestly better than many covers I've seen. I'm not sure how you would go about it, but maybe you could start off with some self published books and see how it goes from there. It's up to you if you want to though, of course.

    1. @Linny and Paper Dreams - why not go to a Digital Design school? I know right now tho with the economy being poopy it's SUPER hard getting a job (cough I have that degree). But at least you'd both have a degree in something you love. :) Plus, both of your skills blow mine totally out of the water and I'm super jealous! The only issue with that is the loan payments...

  4. WOW! I absolutely love your work! If I ever get around to finishing some of my writing projects, I would definitely love to commission you to do some cover art! Absolutely amazing!

    It's been awhile since I stopped by. I already follow you through GFC, but I just followed you on Networked Blogs and Linky Followers (I just added that to my own blog).

    Feel free to stop by sometime!
    Best Wishes!
    Mia at The Muses Circle

  5. That cover is spectacular and looks very professional.

  6. New Follower here! I just wanted to say that your photoshop skills blow mine little skills out of the water! GREAT work!! :)