Thursday, 10 May 2012

Paper Dreams Design

I know that i'm new to the book reviewing blogger community, but i'd to let you all know about my Blogger design.  You may hear about this over time as I gain new followers.

I have dabbled with blog design for quite some time and recently set up a small Etsy store.  I then went on to create this blog and from there decided that I wanted to merge the two together.  So in a sense I closed my previous business and have started again completely fresh & new. 

I will be giving away lots of freebies & other blog goodies over at Paper Dreams Design and would love for those of you following me here, to follow me at my sister site too.

Please share with your followers.  My templates are modern, cute and very affordable.  I'm currently working on some freebie templates too.

Thank you,
Paper Dreams xoxo


  1. Stunning blog! New follower of both :-)

    Thanks for stopping by TToria,
    Vix @

  2. Thank you Vix! So happy you are following <3