Monday, 7 May 2012

How annoying!

It amazes me that I read so many books and yet lose them just as quickly! I have taken on the task of sorting out my book shelf and I must be missing as many as I have.

I have lost my favourite book so far this year and there's nothing worse than an incomplete set of a series.

And for a finale, my bookshelf decided after an hour of straightening the spines to fold in on itself...

I mourn my lost books and my crumbling shelf.

Do you too lose your books?


  1. LOL, I wish I had enough books to be able to lose them! Being a student sucks. South African VAT on books sucks :P

  2. Awe :( I find books are increasingly getting more and more expensive lately. They have hopped from around £6 to £8 here in the UK & whilst I appreciate Authors and the work they put in, it does make this hobby a rather expensive one when you can easily read 3 books a week :(